When water is quickly heated far above its boiling point, the bubbles that normally form in boiling water don't form.

When such superheated, non-bubbling water is removed from a microwave and jiggled or touched with a spoon, the bubbles may then form suddenly and spray the water up and out of the cup or container-potentially causing serious burns. Safety...

  • Don't overheat water—microwave it on high for no more than one minute, then test it.
  • Put food contents (teabag, soup mix, etc.) in the water before heating it. This will prevent super-heating.
  • Let a cup of heated water sit for a minute after taking it out of the microwave—and don't put your face over it.

Reassurance: Conventional ranges and stoves pose a much greater risk of fire and burns than microwave ovens do.

Health Club Hazard

Avoid germs at the gym. Germs, including potentially deadly antibiotic-resistant bugs, often are present at fitness clubs.

Self-defense: Minimize skin-to-equipment contact by keeping cuts clean and bandaged. Carry one towel for yourself and another to wipe dov/n mats and other equipment before and after you use it. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizet on your hands before and after your workout. Vash your workout clothes after every use.

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