Among the recommendations for safe seating in a vehicle are...

Children younger than one year old who weigh 2O pounds or less should be in a backward-facing car seat in the back seat.

Older children should be in a forward facing car seat in the back, and can then graduate to a booster seat as they grow. (They can sit safely without a booster seat when they are tall enough to sit on the regular car seat with their back flush with the back of the seat and their knees bent naturally at the front of the seat).

The seatbelt should cross children at the shoulder, not the neck.

Children should ride in the back seat until they are 13, as the back seat is much safer than the front seat.

Because of the problem of rollovers in SUVs, in 2005 Congress passed a transportation bill that requires the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to establish standards to reduce vehicle rollover crashes for SUVs and other passenger cars.

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