Menopausal women are susceptible to yeast infections because of the changes in their hormones. The use of natural estrogen (estrio/) inserted vaginally can help prevent such infections in some women. Increasing estrogen levels locally in the vaginal area works to favorably change the pH level, so that microbes cannot grow as easily. Estriol requires a prescription from your general doctor or gynecologist. Also, some researchers think that this infection may be transmitted sexually, so cleanse the genital area before intercourse and make sure your partner uses a condom. Finally, certain homeopathic remedies work very well to reduce susceptibility to yeast infections. Consult a local practitioner of homeopathy for an individualized treatment plan. For acute infections, consider using Kreosotum, a remedy derived from beechwood. It is widely available at health-food stores and online. At the first sign of symptoms (itching and/or creamy discharge), take two pellets of a 30C potency up to four times daily.

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