Remove pesticides and wax from fruits and vegetables. In a bowl or a basin, mix four tablespoons of table salt, four teaspoons of lemon juice and one quart of cool water. Soak fruits and vegetables for five to 10 minutes.

Exceptions: Soak leafy greens for two to three minutes...berries, one to two minutes. After soaking, rinse produce in plain cold water and dry.

Alternative: Veggie Wash. Made of 100% natural ingredients, it is available at supermarkets, health-food stores and online at (800-451-7096).

Pollution Warning

Exposure to polluted air may cause premature death.

Recent finding: Elevated ozone levels were associated with spikes in the number of deaths in 95 areas around the country. People ages 65 ro 74 had a slightly higher risk of death from pollution than younger people.

Self-defense: Check pollution forecasts at on days with high ozone concentrations, avoid congested streets, where car emissions cause ozone buildup, and don't exercise outside.

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