The Alzheimer’s copper connection.  ​Are you at risk?  Find out before it’s too late!

One of the things people fear most about growing old is their risk of developing a degenerative brain disease.

Many of us have seen others suffer through the sad, slow progression of dementia, and we’ve vowed to never let it happen to ourselves or loved ones.

Unfortunately, we also know that cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s have a genetic link, and that our chances of developing it ourselves is much higher if a family member has had it.

If that’s you, you should be doing everything in your power to minimize your risk NOW - before it’s too  late.

That’s why you’ll be very interested to hear about the latest research that’s uncovered another risk factor.


You may think that there’s very little copper in your life - but you’re wrong! You’ll need to read on to find out exactly how much copper you’re exposed to every day, and what it could be doing to your brain.

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