You may know about the health benefits of dark chocolate.  How it's packed with compounds called flavonoids.  And how flavonoids fight inflammation and free radical damage.

But what you may not know is...if you want to maximize the power of chocolate for your brain, you may want to drink it.

That's what researchers discovered.  They gave a group of Baby Boomers tests and even MRI scans of their brains.  Then, they gave them a special chocolate drink every day for several weeks.

At the end of the study, they tested and scanned their brains again.  The people who enjoyed the chocolate drink had 20% more blood flowing to the hippocampal regions of their brains.  That's the region where your memories are stored.  It's also one of the few parts of your brain where you can grow new brain cells.

Not only that, the people enjoying the chocolate drink performed better on memory tests.  In fact, they performed as well as someone years younger!  And it only took 10 milligrams of powered cocoa flavonols to do the trick!

So if you want an excuse to enjoy more chocolate, here it is.  And that's not the only delicious way to power up your memory...

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