You, can get better at sex and enjoy it more at any age. With retirement's gift of time, you can learn how your body works differently from its younger self, what pleases you and how to please each other in new ways.

Practical Matters

Yes, bodies change with age. Many women start to feel old and asexual at menopause. Men may develop erectile problems. But most difficulties can be overcome.

Physical change: Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease and depression, can affect sexual function. With heart disease, sex can cause chest pain, and with asthma, breathlessness.

Remember intercourse is the equivalent of walking two city blocks. Check with your doctor first.

Physical change: Joint pain and stiffness from arthritis makes sex difficult.

Solution: Relax in a Jacuzzi or bath before sex...vacation together in a warm climate...find new positions that won't stress your sore spots.

Physical change: Many drugs-antidepressant, hypertension and some cancer medications, as well as alcohol-can affect sexual function.

Solution: Ask your doctor if switching medications might help.

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