Having diabetes should not prevent you from traveling. You just need to do some careful planning before you take any trips, says Cecilia Sauter program coordinator of the University of Michigan Diabetes Education Program.

See your doctor six to eight weeks before you leave. That time period will allow you to make any necessary lifestyle changes to ensure your diabetes is under control before you depart.

Your doctor should...

· Tell you what medications for diarrhea and vomiting-should your stomach have trouble with food or beverages on your trip-you can use without upsetting your diabetes care plan.

· Give you advice about what to do if you get seriously ill on your trip.

· Provide a letter that says you have diabetes, and lists the medications you're taking as well as an explanation of how to use them. The letter should include the names of pills, types of insulin, when and how to take them and any other required diabetic supplies that you'll be taking with you.

· Fill out an extra prescription for each medication and diabetic supply you'll be taking on your trip.

What you can do...

· Double the amount of diabetic supplies you think you'll need for the time you will be away. Put half of those supplies in your suitcase and the other half, with all your medications, in a carry-on bag that you should keep close at hand.

· Ensure that all of your medications and syringes have the complete, original pharmacy labels on them. If you remove those labels, you could have problems at security checkpoints.

· Carry two or three snacks with you. In addition, you should bring along a couple of bottles of juice, some hard candy and glucose tablets.

· Take care of your feet. Pack shoes, boots and socks that will not cause blisters, and check your feet on a regular basis while you are traveling.

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