The Lyric hearing aid is professionally inserted deep into the ear canal. It is placed four millimeters from the eardrum and is worn continuously for three to four months, then removed and replaced with a new one. The Lyric eliminates common problems people have with hearing aids, such as losing them, battery insertion and poor hearing at night when hearing aids are removed, including not hearing the phone or an alarm while sleeping. Some people find that the Lyric provides better sound than conventional hearing aids. It is invisible and can be worn while showering or bathing, but it cannot be worn when swimming under water and must be removed for MRI testing or ear exams-and it must be reinserted only by a professional. It comes in a number of sizes but does not fit everyone comfortably. A subscription for two ears costs about $3,300 to $3,400 a year, which includes a year's worth of devicesnew ones are provided at each follow-up visit, every three to four months. (Conventional hearing aids cost from $600 to more than $2,000.) For information, go to

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