Among women currently experiencing menopausal symptoms, more than 60% have not talked to their doctors about hormone therapy or non-hormone options, and 72% have not received any treatment for their symptoms, according to a survey from The Endocrine Society.

If you are in the middle of the menopause maze, there's an online resource that can help you sort out your treatment options and provide talking points to discuss with your doctor. The free interactive Web tool, called the Menopause Map, can be accessed at www.bormone. org/menopausemap.

Relief Rx: Recently launched by The Endocrine Society and its Hormone Health Network, the map consists of a series of questions about your menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, vaginal dryness, interrupted sleep)...personal health Chigh blood pressure, diabetes, excess weight, unexpected spotting, etc.) medical history (cancer, blood clots).. and other factors. Based on your answers, it offers information on the various treatment options-lifestyle changes, botanical and vitamin supplements, topical and oral hormones-that may be appropriate for you. And it provides an individualized list of questions to ask your own you an easy way to jump-start this important conversation.

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