Meditation is good for us—it can relieve tension by shifting brain activity away from the stress-prone right frontal cortex and into the calmer left frontal cortex. But some people have trouble finding time to meditate-or just can't seem to sit still.

Solution: Combine exercise and meditation through rhythmic, repetitive motions, such as walking, swimming or rowing. This way, you simultaneously strengthen the body and soothe the mind

Bonus: "Meditation in motion" makes exercise easier, because while you do it, you won't be thinking about tired muscles or tasks that await after your workout. Begin with walking meditation...

  • Pick a spot. Find a secluded outdoor area where you won't feel self-conscious...or even an empty hallway where you won't bump into furniture.
  • Begin walking. Start slowly, focusing on the rhythm of your heels striking the ground and your toes pushing off. Keep your eyes open for safety, but don't get distracted by the sights around you.
  • Recite a mantra. Choose or invent a rhythmic chant, such as "I am one with the world, I am filled with peace." Repeat it over and over, out loud or in your mind, melding its rhythm with the movement of your feet. I recommend not listening to music-it may distract you from your mantra.
  • Try to stay focused. At first you may succeed for only a few minutes before thoughts of daily life intrude. Work your way up to a 30-minute session daily.
  • Meditate at the gym. Once you've mastered walking meditation, try the technique while using a treadmill or elliptical machine or while swimming laps.

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