When researchers studied 4,497 healthy adults' diet for 20 years, those who consumed the most magnesium (about 200 mg per 1,000 calories) were 47% less likely to develop diabetes than those who consumed the least (about 100 mg per 1,000 calories).

Theory: Magnesium enhances enzymes that help the body process blood sugar.

Self-defense: Eat more magnesium-rich whole grains, nuts, legumes and green leafy vegetables to reach the recommended dietary allowance of 320 milligrams (mg) for women and 420 mg for men.

Examples: One-quarter cup of wheat bran contain 89mg of magnesium...one ounce of dry-roasted almonds contains 80 mg...one-half cup of cooked frozen cashews, 74 mg... three-quarters cup of bran flakes cereal, 64 mg... one cup of instant fortified oatmeal, prepared with water, 61 mg.

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