As if it weren't tough enough to face cancer, many patients who receive chemotherapy experience severe nausea and vomiting afterward, particularly on the first day of a treatment cycle. And even when anti-vomiting drugs are used, nausea often continues.

Good news from a recent study: For three days before and after their chemotherapy cycles, cancer patients took conventional anti-vomiting medication plus either a placebo or capsulated ginger root (purified, dried ginger extract). The daily ginger dosage was 05 grams (g), 1 g or 15 g-equal to about one-quarter teaspoon to three-quarters teaspoon of ground ginger.

Results: At all doses, ginger users reported significantly less nausea than placebo users...patients who took 0.5 g or 1 g of ginger had the biggest benefit, experiencing about 40% less nausea on the first day of chemo than placebo users.

Best: If you are scheduled for chemotherapy, ask your doctor about adding ginger supplementation to your treatment regimen before and after chemo to reduce nausea.

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