Baby Boomers often live with the fear that their elderly parents will have trouble with daily living because of age-related memory loss.

The Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services offers some solutions...

Avoid a fire in the kitchen by installing adaptive stove controls, which automatically turn off an electric stove after a certain period of time or when there is an excessive amount of heat. Unfortunately, they are not available for gas stoves.

A simple solution for remembering to take medications is to set up a weekly supply of the pills or capsules in a labeled, clear plastic case, which is widely available at drug stores. A more sophisticated solution is to use an automatic pill dispenser that provides medications at specific times. Some dispensers include an alarm, a visual alert system and even a battery back up in case of power outage.

When it comes to remembering important phone numbers, attach pictures of familiar people next to their phone numbers on a sheet of paper. Or use a phone that is pre-programmed with frequently dialed numbers.

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