Dear Health Concious Friend,

You are not being told about many of the most important health breakthroughs being discovered by leading medical doctors and medical research centers.

There's no conspiracy.

It's just that these breakthroughs usually don't get much publicity.

That's because they're reported in medical journals intended for doctors, such as The New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, Lancet, The American Heart Journal among many others.

In some cases, these discoveries are made in the prestigious health centers in other parts of the world, and receive little or no coverage in US media.

In other cases, highly respected medical doctors uncover breakthroughs in clinical studies in their own private practices. They report their findings to professional medical societies, but these discoveries often escape the notice of mass media.

All of this leaves gaping holes in the information you should be getting. Yet these "under reported" discoveries can be of tremendous importance to you and those you love.

Health Confidential brings you the latest health findings being reported by leading researchers and medical doctors in private practice, such as:

World-famous health centers and teaching hospitals including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinani, etc.

Cutting Edge Medical Schools including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Tufts, Berkeley, etc.

Most Respected Practitioners of Alternative Therapies and pioneering research facilities around the world including renowned medical centers in London, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow and other world capitals.

The unpublicized health breakthroughs you will discover here at Health Confidential represent the best medical thinking on the planet, all in one place.

Finally, you can keep up with major health breakthroughs in every area of health, medicine, nutrition and fitness from all around the world, all in one place.

To Your Amazing Health,
Christina Bates
Executive Research Director


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